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What is the skid package in industry?

The skid package is a modular process skid with a frame and process system that allow the it to be easily transported and installed incrementally at the manufacturing site. It is a permanent foundation for heavy machinery with the advantage of being mobile. Through advanced design concept, calculation software and other methods, all kinds of process equipment are packaged, so that they have independent functions, can be moved and lifted as a whole, and have the characteristics of high integration, small floor area, advanced control system, low equipment noise, reliable operation and so on. The pipe process Skid is made of carbon steel construction, the pressure vessel, prefabricated piping, valves, gauges, pressure regulators, flanges and other necessary components and equipment required to execute manufacturing processes.

Skid piping Manufacturing experience included:

Our welders and fitters follow the ASME/JIS/GB/DIN standard to process and with AWS D1.1/ISO 9606-1/EN ISO 14732 certificate. PQR/WPS In compliance to GB/T 31032-2014/ EN ISO 15614-1/ ASTM A249 standard.

  • Waste water project and prefabricate piping skid in support of STAP Vengeron.
  • Sea desalination system piping skid In support of Desalination platform
  • Exhaust gas system piping skid in support of Shipowner TMS
  • Ballasting water treatment piping skid in support of BWTS manufacturing

International idea and design participation ability and material expert

Due to costs inflate, margins dwindle and every square inch of earth of the facility is more valuable. Facility engineers have increasingly turned to modular systems that boost efficiency and make high-stakes processes easier to monitor and control all within smaller footprints.

A key supporting role we can play during design to ensure the process can follow your paper works. which includes your constructability reviews, surveying for existing conditions and drawing review, technology requirement to fully understand your need. You know what your process piping skids and what kind of cooperation does the system need, and we know how to piece it together to do it safely and efficiently while preserving product quality.

Due to there’s a rich experience working in our team with carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, and other alloys as well as copper-nickel, we can recommend cost-saving adjustments in design stage or material selection, in the same time, we still guarantee the compliance of system and the quality of product.

Early involvement also allows us to order long lead time supplies to stay within your timeline. We cultivate a broad network of suppliers to make sure we have what we need on hand to build your system without delay.

Documents and and SAT

From the project beginning to end, all of the construction and installation of the process piping systems is strictly regulated by industry standards and law rule. from raw material arrive at our factory until the delivery. all of document,technology,material specification,fabrication what we do inspect to ensure all of them is met the project requirement. whatever to the raw material tracking records or welding tracking record or test records, the whole flow our QA will manage it and final inspection by qualified independent inspectors to validated. it carry out with rigorous.

Some times, it ends with site acceptance testing. a dry run of a system conducted in our workshop to prove it will work as designed before it’s shipped and installed. but some system must be run on site, an inspector /engineer / third party company from the customer will verify the system whether meets the specs and service and deigned.

International idea and advantage:

Being familiar with international standards with a wealth of forensic experience.

Relying on material supply business, with a strong purchasing power

Three-dimensional design, well producer with strict quality control and field – installable for error-free operation

High welding quality is our core competitiveness with ASME U and PP as the standard for management

Internationalized working ideas and manufacturing level

Meeting the CPR steel structure, ASME U / PP, PED pressure pipes and TS special

Equipment certification requirement

Achieving the manufacturing plant utility debugging with user interface being ready to use

Resolving the special needs of customers comprehensively

With our over 15 years of experience in Skid unit sector; Glen Engineering offers Piping systems solutions from design, engineering, prefabrication to transport to site as per ASME and EN.

All raw materials (pipes, fittings, flanges, valves etc) are procured according to EN 10204 3.1 certification and we can able to supply the spools with both EN 10204 3.1 and 3.2 certification given by authorized 3rd party inspection bodies. We are able to do manual, semi-automatic and robotic welding methods such as MIG/MAG, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW.


High quality products are guaranteed by Glen QC/QA team. Our experienced QC Team do dimensional checks, visual control and other non destructive testing methods on welds and raw materials according to standards. All welding methods are done according to approved procedures and are applied by certified welders. Documentation is done by our team and shared with customer. We are sensitive to our health and safety policy during manufacturing. Our aim is always to reduce work accidents to ZERO. We provide all raw material with MSDS and raw material certificate. Fit-up & Welding: Our experienced manufacturing and QC team reduce the manufacturing time and increase efficiency and quality. Our certified welders according to international standards, we perform high quality welding process. Heat Treatment: Glen has the capability to make PWHT both in furnace conditions and heating locally. Up to 1200°C furnaces, we can do normalizing, tempering and stress relieving heat treatment. Raw Material Tests, Final Inspection and NDT: All necessary tests can be done in-house. We perform chemical analysis, hardness, impact test, hydro test and non destructive tests. Visual control, Radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant examinations are performed in-house
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