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Glen’s Quick Release Towing Hooks provide a trusted towing solution for ships, tugboats, harbor, coastal, and other marine vessels, even under the harshest marine weather conditions.

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Quick release towing hook in operation

Quick Release Towing Hook Overview

Marine towing is an activity that requires full knowledge of the dangers inherent in this highly skilled activity. In addition to careful navigation, ships must be confident that their towing equipment is safe and resilient.

Manufactured for exceptional performance, Glen’s Quick Release Towing Hooks provides a trusted towing solution for ships, tugboats, harbour, coastal and other marine vessels, even under the harshest marine weather conditions.

Disc Type quick release towing hooks are designed with a rotary disc that replaces the traditional towing hook. The towing hook is structured around a counter balanced disc-shaped hook bill. When the disc is released, the tow is free to rotate, loosening the energy of the tow line. This can significantly reduce the impact and pressure on the structure of the system when the towing line has to be released under high loads. The result is a safer operation on ships, tugboats, harbor, coastal, and other working vessels.

Quick Release Towing Hook Features

Quick Release Towing Hook Applications


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GLEN provides a wide range of configurations for Quick Release Towing Hooks,

Making it suitable for a the wide majority of mooring applications.

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GLEN’s expertise in the manufacturing of Quick Release Towing Hook solutions means we understand all aspects of managing a safe, reliable towing process.

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