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Glen’s IntMoor Central Monitoring System (CMS) combines all the information generated by Glen’s berthing and mooring solution into concise, easy-to-understand real-time data that gives operators the confidence to make informed and safe operational decisions.Safe vessel mooring is dependent on keeping balanced and consistent forces on the mooring lines. Glen’s Mooring Load Monitoring System provides constant monitoring of mooring line load and mooring line tension, helping operators avoid safety issues caused by overload or slack conditions.  


Smart, flexible and easy to operate via PC, CMS software aggregates the berthing and mooring data sensing generated by Quick Release Hook systems (QRH), Berthing Approach Systems (BAS), Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) and Mooring Load Monitoring Systems (MLMS). The data is then visualised in a clear and informative graphical user interface provides exceptional insight and control over berthing and mooring process – optimising processes, reducing time and cost, and ensuring safety.


IntMoor’s Central Monitoring System is integrated into PC system controller preloaded with CMS software. Designed for location in the shore control centre, the system consists of:

  • PC with Microsoft Windows operating system
  • CMS software pre-installed
  • 24” monitor (resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • Standard QWERTY keyboard (US) and mouse

Software Performance

CMS software offers the following functionality (dependent on the integration of BAS and EMS solutions)

  • Real time on-screen ship approach data
  • Logging of berth approach coordinates for future recall
  • Approach data displayed as a velocity curve
  • Numerical distance displayed for bow and stern
  • Numerical distance displayed for bow and stern speed
  • User-definable warning- and alarm-level thresholds for approach speed and angle of approach
  • Relative displacement graph visualisation (drift-off from Fenders and Fenders deflection)
  • Graphic mooring schedules showing a vessel’s actual mooring plan;
  • Warning- and alarm-levels for slack line, high line and high hook load limits
  • Facility to save all ship specific settings (alarm levels and mooring schedule data) within a ship’s database
  • Actual hook loads displayed as numeric and dynamic bar graph data
  • Graphic and text presentation of hook status
  • On-screen release of one or a pre-selected group of hooks
  • Emergency hook release in a pre-definable sequence
  • Hook status history with a millisecond timestamp to record changes in hook status
  • Numeric and graphic display of environmental data (EMS module)
  • Direction of wind and current displayed to true north on the jetty, with tidal data logged as a trend.

Get complete control of your berthing and mooring operations

Glen’s Central Monitoring System transforms the ease and efficiency of mooring operations. To discuss your system requirements, and how they support and integrate with Glen’s industry-leading QRH, BAS, EMS, and MLMS solutions, contact Glen’s expert customer service team now

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