Customized After Service Programs

Leading companies recognize that it’s the total cost of ownership which really matters in the purchase of capital equipment. Without doubt regular preventative maintenance reduces down time, improves productivity and manages risk.

To assist you to get the most out of your equipment consider one of our Tailored Service Programs.

A Tailored Service Program gives you inside access to Glen product experts and allows us to leverage our experience and product knowledge for your benefit. Whether you need us on-site every year or every month we can work with you to help you get the best out of your Glen equipment.

  1. Factory repair
  2. Overhaul
  3. Calibration service
  4. Training Programs
  5. On site service and support
  6. Timely Technical Support

Let us help you build a program which meets your needs!

Contact GLEN

Glen’s expertise in the manufacturing of Quick Release Hook solutions means we understand all aspects of managing a safe, reliable berthing process. Based on your specific requirements, our engineering team is able to specify the correct Berthing Approach System.

For further information and discuss your berthing requirements, contact the Glen Engineering team today

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