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Quick Release Hooks (QRH) by Glen Engineering

Quick Release Hooks (QRH) are a vital necessity for safe and efficient jetty mooring operations, particularly at terminals handling and transporting Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), chemicals, oil and coal.

Quick Release Hooks (QRH) are a necessity for today’s mooring systems. Glen’s QRHs enable mooring lines to be secured quickly and safely. OUR QRH’s are easily released even when loaded to their safe max working limit. 

Failing mooring lines, failing hooks or structural failure are all too common hazards which can create considerable damage to ships and berths, and disrupt operations – so too great and too expensive a risk to be ignored.

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How We Assure Safety and Quality For All Quick Release Hooks

Mooring lines must be able to be safely secured, and quickly  and easily released, even when working to a large load limit. By combining Safe Working Load (SWL), material and configuration data with Glen’s highly flexible IntMoor QRH products, Glen’s Quick Release Hook systems provide a trusted, high quality mooring solution for port owner, port operators and consulting engineers.

The Complete QRH Solution For Modern Mooring Systems

From port owners and operators to consulting engineers, Glen works with closely with customers to determine best fit solutions for their marine applications. We provided full integrated QRH solutions that combines project consultation, system design, QRH manufacturing and testing, commissioning, installation and support. Design concepts are processed by Glen’s experienced in-house engineering team engineering team, which generates a complete suite of project documentation including 3D CAD designs, application-specific drawings, and full documentation of the analysis and calculations required for each of our marine technology solutions.
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Manufactured to the Highest Standards

Glen’s entire product range is manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Chongqing, ensuring we maintain full control over the design and quality of everything we produce.

With stringent testing standards applied at every step in our in-house manufacturing process, Glen ensures the life cycle and performance of our entire product range meet specifications – and exceeds expectations.

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Quick Release Hook Quality by Glen Engineering

Glen Quick Release Hooks are constructed of superior materials to competitor products. This delivers exceptional strength and durability that ensures a long lifetime of premium performance. But premium performance doesn’t mean premium cost, and all our products are highly competitive compared with European suppliers.

Supported by highest level of responsive service, with no compromise on detail, we guarantee our customised Quick Release Hook solutions enable faster, safer mooring operations, providing greater operational efficiency and increased productivity. Combined, this ensures our customers receive exceptional return on investment when purchasing a Glen QRH system.

Whether you require a new installation, upgrades to existing installations, or replacements for mooring hooks… 

Choosing Glen delivers:

The correct solution, designed specifically to your needs.

Reliability and durable product for exceptional cost-of-ownership.

Efficient production timescales, for delivery on-time and on-budget.

A full lifetime of support through aftersales service.

And we constantly think ahead: our commitment to integrating new technologies and techniques means we are constantly evolving to meet the requirements of new digital mooring systems.

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Safety, quality and value – delivered by Glen

Glen’s expertise in the manufacturing of Quick Release Hook solutions means we understand all aspects of managing a safe, reliable berthing process.

Our engineering team are able to specify the correct quick release hook system by combining Safe Working Load (SWL), materials and configuration data with flexible configurations of the IntMoor QRH product.

Quick Release Hook Products

Quick Release Mooring Hook

The Quick release mooring hook is critical to ensure efficient mooring operations at jetties, quays, and ports, developed by Glen Engineering.

Quick Release Towing Hook

Manufactured for exceptional performance, Glen’s Quick Release Towing Hooks provides towing solutions for ships, tugboats, harbour, and more

Quick Release Offshore Hook

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units are used in offshore oil and gas production for hydrocarbon processing, and more.

Free Standing Capstan

Free standing capstans are designed and manufactured for safe and efficient handling of vessels, designed and manufactired by Glen Engineering.

Intmoor Central Monitoring Systems

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Glen’s Engineering’s smart, flexible and easy to operate via PC, CMS software aggregates the berthing and mooring data.

Mooring Load Monitoring Systems

Our load monitoring system combines reliable, repeatable load cell measurements with software that is easily accessible.

Berthing Approach

Glen’s Berthing Approach System is a critical investment ensuring safe operation for berthing and quick release hook operation.

Environmental Monitoring System

Our Environmental Monitoring System is built around a weather station to provide common meteorological measurements, and more.



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