Quick Release Mooring Hooks

  • Provide to satisfy specific requirements of projects flexibly.
  • Remote release control and load monitoring are available options to create a IntMoor intelligent system
  • Interconnected with other GLEN systems for smart and visual management of mooring and docking.


The Quick Release Mooring Hook is critical to ensure efficient mooring operations at jetties, quays, and ports.

Safety is the overriding concern for any port operator, and the risk of damage or injury caused by failing mooring lines, failing hooks, or structural failure is considerable. It’s therefore critical that marine operators identify these risks and prevent them wherever possible: Glen’s high-quality Quick Release Hook system, manufactured and designed to meet precise engineering demands, is the solution.

Mooring lines need to be safely secured, and quickly and easily released, even when working to a large load limit. Designed by combining each customer’s individual SWL, material, configuration, and Intmoor QRH requirements, Glen provides the most suitable mooring hook solution for each and every application.

Every docking and mooring system has individual performance requirements from its QRH system, meaning a system that delivers optimal performance in one installation may not perform nearly as efficiently in another. It’s therefore critical you work with experts that can analyze your needs and address all your engineering challenges – and at Glen, we have the team you need.

Glen offers a wide range of hook capacities ranging from SML 40 T to SWL 180 T, as well as a range of flexible mounting options. Typically, new installations are designed to use our standard base dimensions. For customers upgrading existing facilities, fabricated hook bases can be designed to match existing hold-down bolt patterns. Glen’s QRH units can be supplied in single, double, triple, quadruple, or septuple hook configurations, while they are fully compatible with other Glen-manufactured IntMoor components. For offshore applications, the QRH is class certificated and designed for a new generation of ship-to-ship floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) and bunkering applications.

Designed to weather harsh marine environments and operate safely in hazardous areas, Glen Quick Release hooks deliver safety and performance with low maintenance and operational requirements – the minimum effort is required to release the mooring line in case of emergency.


  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Long Service Life
  • One-Step Reset Operation
  • Spark-Free Operation for Hazardous Area Use
  • Easy Disassembly and Maintenance
  • Manufactured From Certified Steel Plates
  • Manual Release Requires Minimum Effort at Full S.W.L.
  • Individually Tested at 150% of S.W.L.
  • Coatings Applied in Accordance With ISO Standards
  • Installation on Concrete Structures or Steel Decks
  • Operation 180° Horizontally and 45°Vertically
  • ATEX Hazardous Area Compliant
  • Options to Suit All Types of Mooring Ropes, Loading Conditions and Foundations


Hazardous Area

LNG carrier berths

LPG berths

Oil berths

Bulk liquids berths

Non-Hazardous Area

  • Container terminals
  • Bulk cargo terminals
  • Cruise ship terminals
  • General cargo
  • RoRo and Ferry

Standard Type & Capacity



Hazardous Area

Explosion Proof
Non-explosion Proof


With integral capstan
Without capstan


Single Hook
Double Hooks
Triple Hooks
Quadruple Hooks
Sextuple Hooks
Back to Back Hooks


Manual Release
Local Release
Remote Release
 -Electrical Release
 -Hydraulic Release

GLEN provides a wide range of configurations for Quick Release Mooring Hook,

Making it suitable for a the wide majority of mooring applications.


Integral Capstan (Nominal Pull Load: 1-3 Tons )
Rope Keeper (Ensure the Rope to Be Hooked in Any Special Condition)
Explosion-Proof Components (ATEX Certified)
Electrical Insulation
Dust Protection Covers
Special Coatings
Special Low Temperature Versions
Customized Designs

Remote Release Control System (Hydraulic/Electrical)
Mooring Load Monitoring System (Load Pin, Load Display, Remote Display and Data Logging)
i-FAS Intelligent Maintenance System for QRH

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Contact GLEN

GLEN’s expertise in the manufacturing of Quick Release Mooring Hook solutions means we understand all aspects of managing a safe, reliable berthing process. Based on your specific requirements, our engineering team is able to specify the correct quick release mooring hook dependent on SWL, material, configuration, and IntMoor QRH requirements.
For further information and to discuss your Quick Release Mooring Hook requirements, contact the Glen Engineering team today.