IntMoor™ Mooring Load Monitoring System

  • Showing real-time mooring lines load
  • Warning and alarm if overload


Safe vessel mooring is dependent on keeping balanced and consistent forces on the mooring lines. Glen’s Mooring Load Monitoring System provides constant monitoring of mooring line load and mooring line tension, helping operators avoid safety issues caused by overload or slack conditions.

The IntMoor™ Central Monitoring System manages the continuous, real-time monitoring of load information, with customizable alarms triggered if a potentially unsafe issue arises. Connected to personnel via computer and mobile device options, operators have immediate access to vessel status and can respond quickly and effectively if notified of alarm conditions.

Glen’s effective load monitoring system combines reliable, repeatable load cell measurements with intuitive, stable software that is easily accessible via PC and mobile devices.

Accurate Load Cell measurements
To monitor the mooring line tensions generated when load limits are exceeded, a load cell is installed in the Quick Release Hook pivot. The constant data stream produced by the cell is transmitted both to a local controller and remote monitoring software.
The Load Monitoring software’s simple graphical user interface (GUI) makes it simple to identify individual loads, while visual and audible alarms identify that action needs to be taken. Glen’s load cells are individually calibrated and meet all major marine compliance standards.

Simple monitoring via PC and mobile devices
Data is quickly and efficiently available to PC computer systems or accessible from mobile devices including laptop PCs, pagers, tablets and mobile phones. Data can be transmitted wirelessly, or received on the LNG carrier by secure ship-to-shore telecommunications systems. The system continues to learn, with load alarm settings, mooring line patterns, rope tension limits and event/trend logs for specific locations stored to the ship’s database for future use.

System Diagram


  • Showing real-time mooring lines load
  • Overload Warning & Alarm
  • Local display integrated in QRH
  • Load data logging


  • Container terminals
  • Commercial RoRo, ferry etc.
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Bulk Mineral & Liquid Berths

GLEN provides a wide range of configurations for Quick Release Mooring Hook,

Making it suitable for a the wide majority of mooring applications.


  • Integrated with IntMoor™ Remote Release Control System
  • Integrated within IntMoor™ Central Monitoring System

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Glen’s Mooring Load Monitoring Systems offers a critical extra layer of safety to berthed LNG ships. As experts in the manufacture of Quick Release Hooks, our engineering teams can integrate Mooring Load Monitoring System simply and effectively.
To discuss your Load Monitoring System requirements, talk to our expert team today.

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