IntMoor™ Remote Release Control System

  • Showing real-time status of all hooks
  • Warning and alarm for operators
  • Double confirm and release sequentially to improve safety


In case of an emergency, operators have to do hook release from a safe distance, such as in the jetty control room. So, in addition to the standard manual release, the quick release hooks could be equipped with a remote release control system.

Remote control hardware – Release part would be installed in QRH and – Control part would be installed in control room. Hydraulic release and electrical release are optional. All outdoor equipment could be ATEX certified for using in Zone 1 / 2 hazardous areas.

Remote quick release panel is designed for safe and easy operation. It could be located in both safe and hazardous areas. The panel has built-in display providing the mooring load data and the hook station status and sends alarms in case of hooks station failure.

System Diagram


  • Showing real-time status of all hooks
  • Warning and alarm for operators
  • Operating record logging
  • One-key release all hooks
  • Release sequentially to improve safety


  • Container terminals
  • Commercial RoRo, ferry etc.
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Bulk Mineral & Liquid Berths

GLEN provides a wide range of configurations for Quick Release Mooring Hook,

Making it suitable for a the wide majority of mooring applications.


  • Electrical release or hydraulic release
  • Integrated with IntMoor™ Central Monitoring System

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Glen’s Remote Release Control System offers a critical extra layer of safety and smart to berthed LNG/general ships. As experts in the manufacture of Quick Release Hooks, our engineering teams can integrate Remote Release Control System simply and effectively.
To discuss your Remote Release Control System requirements, talk to our expert team today.

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