Commitment to quality

Our vision
Become the world’s leading mooring solution provider

Our mission
Provide customers with continuous value, making it easier to purchase multinational equipment

Customer-oriented, Learn to innovate, pursue results, work together for a win-win situation

Quality first

We are committed to providing customers with the best quality services and products on time and at competitive prices. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all employees, and the board of directors assumes full responsibility, which will supervise its effectiveness and related activities. Quality experts will continue to review, measure and improve the QMS.

Internally: High-level employees are the foundation of high-quality products

Quality is essential to our success. We will educate all GLEN employees, and our commitment to quality will maintain and build our good reputation and reputation value. GLEN employees will have the knowledge and skills to ensure that the quality of the services and products we provide globally is always at the highest level.

External: Cooperation for mutual success

GLEN’s external processes are driven by a commitment to cooperation. We strive to build relationships with our business partners on the basis of trust, collaboration and goodwill, and seek common goals with our project participants. Our approach to cooperation relies on a structured system to cultivate team spirit through the following methods:

  • Shared goals;
  • Open communication and problem identification;
  • Established conflict resolution procedures; and,

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