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Glen Engineering is a top rated mooring hook equipment supplier. We offer high-quality and competitive prices for the marine industry.

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A successful design and engineering is a result of:

  • Continuous dedications on research and development
  • Laboratory and field research
  • Simulation software, e.g. Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Prototyping and 3-D modelling
  • Test trials
  • Practical testing in cooperation with ‘launching’ clients.

Testing & Certifications

Glen Engineering conducts FAT (factory acceptance test) prior to the delivery of all products, to assure our products comply with applicable specifications and standards. All tests are performed in close cooperation with our customers and witnessed by a third-party surveyor if requested. This includes the:
  • Hook Load Test
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT)
  • Certified Production Process.

GLEN engineering is LR ISO 9001 quality approved.

All GLEN systems can be supplied suitable for hazardous area with explosion proof certificates according to the standards such as ATEX/ IEC Ex/ UL/CU TR, etc.

From the moment you place a purchase order at Glen engineering, our professional project management team will be your point of contact.

  • Management cycle: From order confirmed to the end of warranty period.
  • Management steps: engineering, development, calculations, manufacturing, assembly, certification, documentation, testing, delivery and commissioning.
  • Management team: Technical sales engineers, project managers and electrical and mechanical engineers who are all specialist in mooring equipment processes and technology to assist all projects with the accurate know-how from beginning to end.
Use AI to integrate industrial mechanism algorithms and build an equipment failure model library
  • Real-time data analysis to help make decisions on the edge
  • Turn passive fault maintenances into active predictive maintenances
  • Reduce production hazards caused by sudden equipment failures.
  • Multi-departmental data sharing and proactive predictive reminders.
  • Maintenance costs are greatly reduced
  • Detailed tracking of equipment life cycle
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From port owners and operators to consulting engineers, Glen works with closely with customers to determine best fit solutions for their marine applications. We provided full integrated QRH solutions that combines project consultation, system design, QRH manufacturing and testing, commissioning, installation, and support.

Design concepts are processed by Glen’s experienced in-house engineering team engineering team. We can generates a complete suite of project documentation including 3D CAD designs, application-specific drawings, and full documentation of the analysis and calculations required for each of our marine technology solutions.

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