The correct SWL selection should follow the dynamic mooring analysis done by the consulting company to obtain the value.
Please also note that according to the OCIMF Meg3 guidelines, it is recommended that the SWL of each hook is larger than the MBL of the mooring.
For example, for LNG carriers using 140T MBL ropes, SWL150T quick release hooks are usually designated

A. The capacity of a capstan is usually specified by its line pull. This is sized according to the weight of mooring line
expected to be hauled in from the vessel to the mooring point. This will be greater for mooring dolphins than berthing dolphins; however, capstans are specified by maximum line pull to provide standardised equipment across the berth.

A. Each hook can accommodate two mooring lines up o a diameter noted in the datasheet. However, most
modern berths utilise load monitoring, and for this to be effective as a management data tool, each hook should
be dedicated to a single mooring line.

A.single or inherited detection system, such as: stress monitoring, environmental monitoring, laser berthing, including remote fault diagnosis and monitoring, can prevent faults, easy maintenance, and speed up turnover. It is the standard configuration of most modern terminals .

A.According to OCIMF/SIGTTO guidelines for jetty equipment, Hooks require regular greasing and basic inspection,
Instrumentation requires routine inspection inspection every year.
load cells requires calibrated annually.

Factory repair/Overhaul/Calibration service/Training Programs /On site service and support/Timely Technical Support.

Instrumentation requires routine inspection inspection every year.
load cells requires calibrated annually.

  • have in-house design engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities.
  • Supplier taking “single point responsibility” for complete system.
  • The supplier have capable of offering custom solutions to meet project requirements.
  • The supplier providing 100% proof loading for hooks.
  • The supplier offering a comprehensive system warranty (not just product warranties)
  • The supplier should have a documented track record in similar product handling berths.
  • The supplier should offer after sales service support capability.
  • The supplier capable of offering annual service programs in accordance with SIGTTO/ OCIMF guidelines i.e.“JETTY MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION GUIDE”?
  • The supplier have ability to interface with third party systems i.e. PLC/DCS, SSL etc.

What is the maximum horizontal and vertical angle of movement of each hook?
What is the operating height of the capstan?
What is the IP rating of the equipment?
A. Are typically covered by the product datasheet. Contact GLEN sales engineer or download from our website of “Resource”.

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