Integrated Control and Monitoring

Environments and operations are becoming more demanding. Climate change and greater commercial demands on ports necessitate that unloading and transfers take place in challenging conditions. Without increasing large investmentsf for port expansion, optimizing existing equipment is a cost-effective option,

It is safe, efficient and economical to shorten the mooring rope release time and increase the load monitoring.
Glen engineering designs, manufactures and installs control harware and monitoring software that is specifically configured and matched to your requirements.

Our solutions, which are built around the latest field-proven technologies, will be tailored to the needs of your project by our multi-disciplined team of engineers.

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Glen’s expertise in the manufacturing of Quick Release Hook solutions means we understand all aspects of managing a safe, reliable berthing process. Based on your specific requirements, our engineering team is able to specify the correct Berthing Approach System.

For further information and discuss your berthing requirements, contact the Glen Engineering team today

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