Berthing Approach Systems

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System Overview

A Glen-supplied Berthing Approach System consists of a laser sensing system, which relays the key data to LED displays and traffic light displays located close to the berth, as well as triggering audio alarms where the potential for collision has been identified.

The rich stream of data produced during the berthing operation includes the approach speed, distance, and angle. The data is displayed both on highly visible LED displays, and on the ship’s bridge. Subsequent to the mooring, the system continues to monitor the vessel for signs of drift or fender deflection, with alarms set to monitor activities that could potentially damage the fenders and the jetty. A comprehensive data logging system records a comprehensive and continuous record of activity for peace-of-mind.

LED Data Display

A high-quality LED is a critical component in communicating data to pilots and crew, requiring to be visible at minimum distance of 300 meters in all light and weather conditions, including fog and rain, and easily viewable from a wide viewing angle. Typical data relayed via the display includes vessel distance, speed of approach, and berthing angle, with the unit able to provide audible warning alarms for factors such as speed and collision. Traffic lights are integrated into the display, and the LED units can set to display ambient environmental data derived from weather stations, such as wave, tidal, and sea current information.

Integrating a high-quality display with quick refresh speeds into a robust and rugged designed to weather the elements, LED digital displays to have a long operational life with no maintenance requirements.

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LED Data Display Features

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Laser Based Measurement

Berthing System data is produced by two separate LMU300-Ex laser measurement units, which simultaneously measure the velocity and proximity of vessel. Positioned close to the berth, the dual data streams produced by the two laser measurements produce a highly accurate, stable measurement. Encased in a safe, explosion-proof flameproof enclosure certified for zone 1 hazardous areas, the laser wavelengths are safe for human use and cannot damage eyesight.

PC and mobile compatibility

The data produced by the BAS is instantly relayed either to PC systems in the jetty control room, but also wirelessly to pilots and via WIFI and telephony (3G/4G/5G) to PC laptops, cell phones, tablets, and pagers.

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Glen’s expertise in the manufacturing of Quick Release Hook solutions means we understand all aspects of managing a safe, reliable berthing process. Based on your specific requirements, our engineering team is able to specify the correct Berthing Approach System.

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