• Design Capability for Bollard
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Bollard
  • Strength Calculation for Bollard


GLEN is a leading mooring bollard supplier our mooring bollards are a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements to safely secure vessels alongside jetties, berths, wharves, and harbors. Glen Engineering provides bollards with a range of design profiles, sizes, and mooring line capacities to suit all mooring applications.

The shape of GLEN designed bollards has been refined with finite element techniques to optimize the geometry and anchor layout. Even at full working load, GLEN bollards remain highly stable and provide a safe and secure mooring operation.


  • High Quality Cast Steel or Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
  • General Purpose Applications
  • Large Range Safe Working Load from 10T to 200T
  • Various of type and anchor as per demands
  • Narrow footprint for limited space installations

  • Multiple mooring line capability

  • Steep line angle capability


  • Commercial Ro-Ro, ferry, fishing wharfs
  • Container Terminals
  • Local authority, Recreational jetties & marinas
  • Industrial Oil & Gas Terminals
  • Bulk mineral & liquid terminal berths

Standard Type & Capacity

Tee Head Bollard
Capacity: 10T ~ 200T

Stag Horn Bollard
Capacity: 15T ~ 200T

Pillar Bollard
Capacity: 10T ~ 200T

Kidney Bollard
Capacity: 15T ~ 200T

Cleat Bollard
Capacity: 15T ~ 35T

Single Bitt Bollard
Capacity: 10T ~ 200T

Stag Horn Bollard
Capacity: 15T ~ 200T

GLEN provides a wide range of configurations for Mooring Bollards,

Making it suitable for a the wide majority of mooring applications.


  • Material Test by Government Authority
  • Load Test for Bollard at S.W.L. with Different Pull Angle
  • Special Finite Element Analysis
  • Fusible Anchors / NC3 Anchors / EC2 (Resin) Anchors
  • Inspection under Third Party Authority Witness
  • Special Strength Calculation

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