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15s to Know One-key Release


The GLEN Remote Release Control System for Quick Release Hook represents an intelligent safety solution for port operations. Its One-key Release function is specifically designed for emergency situations, allowing operators to swiftly release all hooks from the control room using just two hands to prevent a misoperation.
This intuitive control system not only streamlines emergency response procedures but also empowers operators with a heightened sense of control and confidence in managing critical situations. By centralizing release functionalities within the control room, the GLEN Remote Release Control System minimizes response times, mitigates risks of human error, and ensures the safety of both personnel and assets.
Furthermore, the system’s intelligent design incorporates advanced monitoring and feedback mechanisms, providing operators with real-time insights into hook statuses and operational conditions. This proactive approach enables preemptive intervention and facilitates informed decision-making, thereby optimizing overall port safety and productivity.
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