Foam Filled Marine Fenders

High-Performance Foam Fenders

GLEN’s foam-filled fenders are precision designed to absorb the hard impacts to hulls experienced in turbulent sea environments. Able to resist immense forces, our foam fenders share a superior design and construction fabrication technology based around a closed cell polyethylene foam core construction, and protected by an outer skin of reinforced polyurethane elastomer.

Our closed cell foam structure makes punctures a thing of the past. As every cell is separated, water cannot penetrate or be absorbed into the foam, meaning performance remains safe and reliable. And no matter how worn, Glen foam fenders will not burst or explode.

Even after many years of use, the foam core can be returned to the factory, re-skinned and ready for a new lease of life. And in the unlikely event of extreme impact damage, Glen foam fenders will still function until repairs are possible.

Foam fender with chain tyre net

  • Ultra-tough, unsinkable design
  • Low maintenance
  • Low reaction and high energy options
Foam Filled Marine Fender

Tough, reliable and resilient – Glen foam fenders protect berth and vessels, even in the most difficult conditions!

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Foam Filled Fenders

Glen’s foam-filled fenders are precision designed to absorb the hard impacts to hulls.

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