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Choosing the Right PIANC Compliant Marine Fender System

Choosing the right PIANC-compliant fender system

An essential consideration of a Quick Release Hook system is selecting a complementary rubber fender manufacturer that effectively cushions and protects against impacts between a ship and other vessels, berth, jetties, and piers.

To meet the wide-ranging safety requirements of marine fender systems, Glen supplies all major classifications of marine fenders including rubber fenders, foam fenders, pneumatic fenders, and tug fenders.

Glen’s fender system solutions meet all the quality and reliability standards recommended by the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, or PIANC – the leading global organization for guidance and technical advice for sustainable waterborne infrastructure to ports, marinas, and waterways.

Our fender systems are designed to meet a wide range of conditions and stresses, and manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure reliable, resilient performance.

Highly experienced in recommending fender systems, Glen’s expert design team will recommend the most appropriate system that matches our customers’ precise requirements. To enable this, a number of technical considerations determine the suitable fender system for each vessel:

  • The effective berthing energy of the vessel
  • Reaction force allowed by the berthing structure
  • Maximum hull pressure the vessel can withstand
  • The position and area that the fender system protects
  • Environmental and weathering factors (including wind, sea current and waves)

To select an appropriate fender system, Glen requests operators supply essential vessel and berthing data to aid our recommendations.

Required vessel data

  • Vessel type: general cargo vessel, oil tank, container ship, bulk cargo carrier, ferry, cruise and workboat, etc.
  • Weight: gross tonnage, dead weight tonnage, displacement, etc.
  • Length of vessel
  • Width of vessel
  • Depth of vessel
  • Laden draft
  • Free board
Required berthing data
  • Berth type: wharf, jetty, pier, etc.
  • Construction type: pile type, gravity type
  • Elevation: top deck (platform) level, high water level and low water level

For existing quay structures, the additional information is required:

  • Space for fender installation at the relative elevation above sea level
  • Allowable horizontal impact force acting on the structure


Environmental Data required

  • Wind: direction and speed
  • Current: direction and speed
  • Wave: height, period and direction


Rubber Performance Properties

GLEN’s rubber fenders are manufactured from the highest quality natural rubber and other styrene-butadiene SBR based compounds, to satisfy various performance requirements. Other special rubber is also available upon customers’ individual requirements.

Rubber Performance Properties

PropertyTesting StandardUnitValue
Tensile strength GB/T 528,1;ASTM D 412 Die C; ISO 37; DIN53504; AS1180.2; BS 903.A2; JISK6251MPa≥16t
Elongation at breakGB/T 528,1;ASTM D 412 Die C; ISO 37; DIN53504; AS1180.2; BS 903.A2; JISK6251%≥300
Compression set (70℃, 22h,25%)GB/T7759,1;ASTM D395 ISO815; DIN53517; AS1683.15.2B; BS 903.A3; JISK6262% ≤30
Hardness ( shore A)GB/T531,1;ASTM D2240 ISO815; DIN53505; AS1683.15.2B; BS 903.A26; JISK6253Degree≤84
Tear resistance Die BGB/T529; Crescent Test Piece; ASTM624 ISO34.1; DIN53507; AS1683.12; BS 903.A 3; JISK6253N/mm≥70
Ozone resistance (40℃,48h,20%,50pphm)GB/T13642;ASTM D1149 ISO34.1; DIN53509; AS1683.24; BS 903.A 43; JISK6259No cracking
PropertyAdditional PropertyTesting StandardUnitValue
Hot air aging (70℃, 96h)Variation ratio of tensile strength GB/T13512;ASTM D412 Die C; ISO37; DIN53504; AS1180.2; BS 903 A 19; JISK6257%
Hot air aging (70℃, 96h)Variation ratio of Elongation at breakGB/T13512;ASTM D412 Die C; ISO37; DIN53504; AS1180.2; BS 903 A 19; JISK6257%
Hot air aging (70℃, 96h) Hardness ( shore A)GB/T531;ASTM D412 Die C; ISO815; DIN53505; AS1683.15.2B; BS 903 A 26; JISK6253DegreeMax +8

Glen Engineering’s are proven experts in recommending, manufacturing and supplying bespoke fender solutions as part of a safe and reliable mooring solution – for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Additional Marine Fender Products

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Mooring bollards are a simple and cost-effective way to fulfill mooring requirements and safely secure vessels.

Rubber Fenders

Glen offers a full range of rubber fender products including cell, cone, arch, leg, and cylindrical fenders.

Pneumatic Fenders

Glen supplies pneumatic fenders that are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications.

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Glen’s foam-filled fenders are precision designed to absorb the hard impacts to hulls.

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Tug vessels use marine fender systems as bumpers to move larger vessels

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