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29 Pcs T-head Bollard 100 Tons Completed for Poland Project

100 Tons T-head bollards are completed and ready for delivery. These 29 pcs of bollards will be the first shipment for installation of Poland project.



GLEN T-head bollards offer a combination of practicality, strength, and adaptability, making them a preferred choice in many maritime applications.


  • Increased Holding Capacity: The T-shaped design provides increased holding capacity, enhancing the bollard’s ability to secure larger and heavier vessels.


  • Reduced Wear and Tear: The T-head configuration helps distribute the load evenly across the bollard, reducing stress on specific points. This can minimize wear and tear on both the mooring lines and the bollard itself.


  • Improved Safety: The T-head design provides a clear and easily accessible point for attaching and detaching mooring lines, contributing to safer and more controlled mooring procedures.


  • Adaptability to Multi-Vessel Mooring: T-head bollards are suitable for mooring multiple vessels alongside each other, making them valuable in scenarios where space is limited, and multiple ships need to be secured simultaneously.


  • Aesthetics: T-head bollards often have a sleek and modern design, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the port or maritime facility.



GLEN’s partial shipment service also provided convenience to the clients in many EPC projects.



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