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150T staghorn bollard 4pcs load test from -10° – +75° before delivery

150T staghorn bollard 4pcs is not a complicated order from design to production. However, the British Navy requested to do a load test of 2.1 times and the load force of -10° – +75°. We know very well that such a small order, matching such a requirement beyond the regular market supply, the supplier’s reaction must be negative. So our client found us and asked if we could help them. Our customer-first values tell us we need to help our customers. We ignore the profit of the order promised the customer to help solve this problem, So from the FEA analysis to the design of the fixture, to the actual load test on the 500T load machine, the final BV material and actual inspection went smoothly and the issue is the certificate.

Thank the customer for this opportunity, and hope that the use of the product is more guaranteed.

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