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Fender comparison GLEN vs Others

Fender is a market where bad quality drives out good quality. So far, only a few manufacturers adhere to the principle of quality first. Glen is one of these manufacturers.The following is a comparison of the raw materials and processing machines of the superior and inferior fenders.

Inferior fenders DO NOT accept testing in 3rd-party laboratories.

Comparison Reference


Other Chinese Manufacturer


The cost difference between high-quality natural rubber and low-quality rubber is usually more than 2 times. Raw materials are the key indicators of product service life. The service life of inferior rubber is 3-5 years, and the service life of superior rubber can be used for more than 15 years.


Other Chinese Manufacturer

compounds other
filled glen

Superior rubber compounds use more rubber and less filler. Our formulations have rubber fill ratios greater than 1.00 while reducing the use of recycled rubber. Density less than 1.20, fully compliant with the specification in PANIC 2022


Other Chinese Manufacturer

vau glen1
vau other

Large-scale stationary vulcanization equipment can complete the stable and reliable vulcanization process. Small mobile vulcanization equipment relies more on the craftsmanship and experience of workers for their vulcanization quality.


Other Chinese Manufacturer


In frontal panel manufacturing, welding quality is critical. Glen’s welding process is Lloyd’s Register certified and performed in accordance with WPS. Hydraulic pressure and PT test can be done according to our ITP.


Other Chinese Manufacturer

fender glen
fender other

Our products accept randomly cut 30-50g rubber samples from fender body and send to 3rd party laboratory for FTIR and TGA test according to ASTM requirements


Other Chinese Manufacturer

oldfender glen

After 6 years of use

usedfender other

After 3 years of use


The ultimate tri-lemma cheap fender, good performance and long service life cannot be solved simultaneously. 

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