Pressure Vessels

Comes with Industry Standard ASME U Stamp Certification 2021

For more than a decade, many industrial sectors looked to Glen Engineering to produce high-quality vessels and tanks of all types to meet a wide range of requirements. These include:

  • Tailored vessels and oxygen vessels
  • Expansion containers for regular blowdown
  • Vessels for the paper and pulp industry

Precision CNC manufacturing

Glen Engineering produces vessels in either several pieces or a single prefabricated design, as specified by our clients. Our one-piece designs are made possible by the extensive prefabrication options Glen’s expertise offers.

We ensure the highest quality product through state-of-the-art production equipment and testing methods, including:

  • A 40mm large CNC three-roller bending machine.(rolling width of 3m)
  • A 9m planning machine
  • A 2.5m vertical lathe
  • Horizontal dual-spindle CNC drilling machine (drilling thickness up to 750mm, 4m diameter)
  • Automatic nozzle argon arc welding machine
  • Automatic submerged arc welding machine and other welding equipment
  • A 5×6×18m heat treatment furnace

Our facilities also provide lifting capacity of 100 tons; radiation, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic flaw detection equipment; and a comprehensive range of physical and chemical testing equipment.

Exceptional capability to operate different production processes with a wide variety of materials such as:

Carbon steel, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc and all kinds of alloys used in the petrochemical environment.

Our internal QA/QC department is such as to assure the required quality in compliance with the most common national and international codes and standards: ASME, TEMA “R”, ISPESL, PED, ATEX, VSR and many others.

We can fulfil any requests of our clients by providing them with a broad range of customized equipment:

  • Industrial furnaces
  • fractionation towers
  • heat exchangers
  • reactors
  • condensers
  • storage tanks
  • gas separators
  • gas scrapers
  • distillation columns
  • stripping columns
  • boilers
  • air coolers
  • gas separators (two and three phases)
  • pressure devises
  • Tailored vessels and oxygen vessels
  • Expansion container for regular blowdown
  • Vessels for the paper and pulp industry


Glen’s quality management system and product delivery system ensures our vessel and tank products are manufactured to the best standards.  We support the quality process through rigorous testing and follow-up services, ensuring successful installation and continuous high performance.

Through our full time, experienced team, choosing Glen ensures you receive the highest quality product and service – ensuring a long lifetime of use.

For further information and to discuss your requirements for vessels and tanks, contact the Glen team today.

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