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Pipe Spool and Skid Unit

With our over 15 years experience in Piping sector;Glen Engineering offers Piping systems solutions from design, engineering, prefabrication to transport to site as per ASME and EN.

We supply pipe spools as carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel for Marine, Oil&Gas and Chemical Industries.

All raw materials (pipes, fittings, flanges, valves etc) are procured according to EN 10204 3.1 certification and we can able to supply the spools with both EN 10204 3.1 and 3.2 certification given by authorized 3rd party inspection bodies. We are able to do manual, semi-automatic and robotic welding methods such as MIG/MAG, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW.

Glen also offers advanced Modular Piping Solutions that gives our Clients lots of advantages such as reducing in costs, field labor and risks, faster installation, lower welding cost, rapid assembly.

• Reduces the manufacturing and NDT cost.
• Weather independent fabrication.
• Improved quality compared with site fabrication
• Improved safety in better manufacturing conditions.

Features description:

Adopting the modular design concept, the system is composed of several modules, and the system can be tested in the factory to simulate the conditions of the customer’s public engineering, and problems can be found early.

  • The module is easy to transport. The tested modules are shipped to the customer site, as long as they are connected to various public works, such as water, electricity, compressed air, steam, etc., they can be put into use quickly. Compared with the traditional on-site assembly method, it can save at least two months.
  • This system is divided into four modules. Each module and related pipelines can be cleaned and sterilized separately. CIP time only takes 25 minutes and SIP 1.5 hours, which can save more than 5 hours of traditional CIP and SIP system time.
  • Since each module section can independently CIP, SIP and process process, continuous production can be achieved, the utilization rate of the production line can be improved, and the production capacity can be increased by more than 50%.
  • The use of docking system and hose docking mobile tank method, production more flexible.
  • Adopt adapter board to avoid cross contamination.


High quality products are guaranteed by Glen QC/QA team. Our experienced QC Team do dimensional checks, visual control and other non destructive testing methods on welds and raw materials according to standards. All welding methods are done according to approved procedures and are applied by certified welders. Documentation is done by our team and shared with customer.

We are sensitive to our health and safety policy during manufacturing. Our aim is always to reduce work accidents to ZERO. We provide all raw material with MSDS and raw material certificate.

Fit-up & Welding: Our experienced manufacturing and QC team reduce the manufacturing time and increase efficiency and quality. Our certified welders according to international standards, we perform high quality welding process.

Heat Treatment: Glen has the capability to make PWHT both in furnace conditions and heating locally. Up to 1200°C furnaces, we can do normalizing, tempering and stress relieving heat treatment.

Raw Material Tests, Final Inspection and NDT: All necessary tests can be done in-house. We perform chemical analysis, hardness, impact test, hydro test and non destructive tests. Visual control, Radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant examinations are performed in-house

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