Pipe Spool Fabrication Process

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The production process from prefabricated pipe:

  • Preparation of the raw material – Quality steel plate/fittings/flange
  • Plate Round to pipe
  • Forming to make an open seam pipe – tack weld
  • Welding the longitudinal seamWPS(welding procedure specification) by third or owner
  • Non-destructive testing-PT
  • Assemble flange/pipe fitting with pipe in tack weld
  • Dimension control and Calibration
  • Full weld for all weld seam
  • Non-destructive testing – RT/PT
  • Processing the pipe ends – Beveling
  • Surface treatment – Acid & Passviation
  • Quality testing
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Quick Release Hook Products

Quick Release Mooring Hook

The Quick release mooring hook is critical to ensure efficient mooring operations at jetties, quays, and ports, developed by Glen Engineering.

Quick Release Towing Hook

Manufactured for exceptional performance, Glen’s Quick Release Towing Hooks provides towing solutions for ships, tugboats, harbour, and more

Quick Release Offshore Hook

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units are used in offshore oil and gas production for hydrocarbon processing, and more.

Free Standing Capstan

Free standing capstans are designed and manufactured for safe and efficient handling of vessels, designed and manufactired by Glen Engineering.

Intmoor Central Monitoring Systems

Central Monitoring System (CMS)

Glen’s Engineering’s smart, flexible and easy to operate via PC, CMS software aggregates the berthing and mooring data.

Mooring Load Monitoring Systems

Our load monitoring system combines reliable, repeatable load cell measurements with software that is easily accessible.

Berthing Approach

Glen’s Berthing Approach System is a critical investment ensuring safe operation for berthing and quick release hook operation.

Environmental Monitoring System

Our Environmental Monitoring System is built around a weather station to provide common meteorological measurements, and more.

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